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V7 Stone Corsa 850


V7 Stone Corsa 850

Once racing, always racing

The V7 Stone Corsa, a special edition in the V7 generation, elevates boldness to new heights, drawing inspiration from Moto Guzzi's storied racing heritage. This model embodies the sportiest essence of the iconic Mandello, which has always symbolized both style and a dynamic spirit.


Style: Distinctive Details

The V7 Stone Corsa seamlessly blends contemporary technology with the timeless allure of the past, commemorated through a Special Edition emblem adorning the handlebar riser.

Concept: Racing Spirit

Since its inception, Moto Guzzi has consistently excelled in motorcycle competitions, securing 14 World Championships over the years. This tradition endures with the ongoing Fast Endurance Trophy, welcoming all Eagle enthusiasts. The V7 Stone Corsa commemorates not only these victories but also the rich heritage that will inspire your journey toward future destinations and aspirations.


Engine: Iconic 90° transverse V engine

This unique edition encompasses all the attributes found within the V7 family, beginning with the iconic 90° transverse V engine that has remained a distinctive hallmark of Mandello's motorcycles.