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The Moto Guzzi modern adventure tourer, Stelvio, is equipped with cutting-edge technology to elevate your riding experience and is built to accompany you on endless adventures. The name pays homage to Italy's highest mountain pass, the formidable Stelvio. The 48-bend road that winds through it is a legendary ride for motorcyclists, who associate it with adventure, exploration, and victory.

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Explore with a unique style

Experience a captivating design and a sound that resonates within your chest. Embrace the liberating essence of the journey each time you take a seat. Riding a Moto Guzzi means having no desire to be anywhere else in the world and simply enjoying a vast road.


Expand your horizons

With its powerful 1,042 cc "Compact Block" V-Twin engine, 21-liter tank that boasts a range of over 400 km, and design that prioritises comfort and safety, the Stelvio lets you make the most of every ride and discover new places. Stelvio is prepared to travel with you everywhere, whether it be on crowded city streets or in unfamiliar territory.

Just enjoy the journey

When you travel on a Stelvio, you get to experience the advantages of the newest technology available. You and your passenger can enjoy the ride, leaving the cutting-edge features to take care of the rest.