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V7 Special Edition

Shining Black
Shining Black

V7 Special Edition

Style: Big, bold and instantly attractive

The Shining Black, with red accents on the fuel tank, is highlighted by the matte colour scheme. More intense red is used to emphasise the aggressive, athletic look of the shock absorber springs and the distinctive saddle stitching on this variant. A Special Edition badge is also present on the handlebar riser.


Design: Unique details

The Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Special Edition has bar end mirrors that give it a distinctive finish. Other standout features include a Moto Guzzi twin 850 with head covers in a new graphite colour and throttle body guards that are also made of black anodized aluminium.

Performance: Style and fun

The Arrow exhaust, which features terminals bearing the Moto Guzzi logo, highlights the distinctiveness of the Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Special Edition. This big beast's performance is increased, with maximum torque increasing from 73 to 75 Nm at 4900 rpm and power increasing from 48 to 49 kW (66.5 horsepower) at 6700 rpm.


Unflinching personality

Moto Guzzi's most daring and unyielding characteristics are intended to be highlighted by the V7 Stone Special Edition. In case it wasn't already daring enough, it now has an Arrow exhaust, mirrors in the Café Racer style, a red shock absorber, and a striking new shining black body. Simply said, the Mandello eagle-branded bikes are the epitome of rider passion.