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V100 Mandello S

Verde 2121 Grigio Avanguardia
Verde 2121

V100 Mandello S

Two hearts beat as one

The V100 Mandello S offers distinctive finishes, a wider range of standard equipment, and a number of technology bells and whistles that push the normal Touring and Roadster characteristics to their absolute limit in order to provide a safer, livelier, and more thrilling ride. This pure riding experience on two wheels draws on more than a century of Moto Guzzi ingenuity.


Performance: The evolution never stops

You can rapidly change the V100 Mandello S's personality thanks to the hlins Smart EC2.0 semi-active suspension's connection to the Riding Modes. The suspension automatically adjusts itself to optimise performance, whether on lengthy travels or difficult curves, according on the riding style, speed, acceleration, and other parameters.

Design: Riding the future

Heated handgrips are included as standard equipment in the S version because it is made to provide a more comfortable and sporty ride and to make life easier overall, including navigating city traffic and getting around in the colder months. A more fluid and dynamic experience is provided by QuickShifter, which is also included in the package. It enables riders to shift gears without applying the clutch.


Technology: Connected with you

The Moto Guzzi MIA connectivity system is also standard on the V100 Mandello S. You can browse trip data, control calls, texts, and playlists without taking your hands off the handlebars thanks to a Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and the bike's electronics.